Find access to the next major health and lifestyle industry

Now is the ideal time to become part of the whole body refrigeration therapy industry (GKKT). The last decades there have been the themes of hair removal, cosmetic treatments and fitness.
The next few decades will be dominated by the exciting and exciting topic of whole-body cold therapy (GKKT).
As a high-profile electric refrigeration chamber technology with a simple business model, our LIFECUBE enables you and your company to quickly return to profitability (see tables below).
We support our B2B customers with high-quality training, innovative and sustainable technologies and optimal marketing support.

Reasons to get started with our electrical refrigeration room LIFECUBE

  • A booming market (health, lifestyle, pain therapy, sports)
  • High profits (see tables below)
  • Technology “Made in Germany”
  • Easy handling (3 minutes treatment time)
  • Simple business model

Your future potential passive income with your subscription model

The refrigeration chamber, at the moment an all-purpose feature, also offers you an expanding sales potential if you offer your customers time-limited subscriptions or limited treatment series.
The advantages over single-use treatment are obvious.

You will achieve the greatest success with a four-phase model:

  • Individual treatment with fixed price (3 minutes)
  • Multiple treatments (3, 5 or 10) with fixed price
  • Annual subscription with fixed price
  • Limited subscription (in weeks or months) with fixed price

Example calculation of annual turnover Individual treatment with a running time of 300 days:

Number per day

5 Treatments

10 Treatments

20 Treatments

50 Treatments

To 19.00 euros each

28,500 Euros

57,000 Euros

114,000 Euros

285,000 Euros

To 29,00 Euro each

43,500 Euros

87,000 Euros

174,000 Euros

435,000 Euros

To 39.00 euros each

58,500 Euros

117,000 Euros

234,000 Euros

585,000 Euros

Alternative to individual treatment : Pamper your customers with a monthly or annual subscription, the merits are enormous!

Example calculation of annual turnover with 12-month subscription (corresponds to one year subscription):

Number of Members

20 Members

50 Members

100 Members

200 Members

99,00 Euro per month

23,760 Euros

59,400 Euros

118,800 Euros

237,600 Euros

139,00 Euro per month

33,360 Euros

83,400 Euros

166,800 Euros

333,600 Euros

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